Working together to serve you better.

Members of the Citadel team have more than 30 years of experience in roofing and 20 in solar. Some team members have worked together for more than 20 years, first on roofing and later on solar and energy storage as well. These long-term working relationships translate into better products and services delivered more efficiently and professionally. Our team members trust each other and know how best to work as one to get the job done.
Dieter Folk
President & Owner
Aaron Nitzkin
Executive Vice President, Solar
Eric Owen
Vice President, Finance
Gregory O’Donnell
Vice President, Southern California Operations
Jeff Maxfield
Vice President, Operations
Stephanie Knupfer
Vice President, Human Resources
Wendi Zubillaga
Chief Sales Officer
Bryce Robicheau
Vice President of Sales, New Homes Division
Sarah Catalano
Director of New Construction, Solar
Jeremy Folk
Director of Business Development
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Aaron Nitzkin

Executive Vice President, Solar

Aaron oversees Citadel’s entire solar business, which encompasses the residential, commercial and homebuilder markets. In 2003, Aaron helped pioneer the entry of solar into the homebuilder marketplace and the integration of solar into the roofing industry. His 14 years of experience in roofing and 17 years of experience in solar include the positions of National Sales Director for Dow Chemical Company’s solar division, founder and CEO of solar equipment distributor Solar Roof Dynamics, and executive roles at three solar contracting companies.


Fun Fact:
Aaron lived in Japan for six years.

Why Aaron likes working in solar:

“I believe in creating change through aligning incentives. When consumers and businesses go solar, they win, the contractor wins and the earth wins.”


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