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Boost your solar benefits with energy storage.

Benefits of Energy Storage for Business

A solar energy system from Citadel Roofing & Solar can help you live life your way. When you join the millions of " homeowners already saving big with solar, you benefit in four important ways:

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  1. Lower tax payments, thanks to a federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that pays for 26 percent of your system, and a federal bonus depreciation program
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  1. Protection from utility power outages, planned or unplanned, when you draw from stored electricity to power critical aspects of your operations during a blackout
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  1. Reduced electric bills beyond what solar energy systems alone can do; storage allows you to offset expensive utility time-of-use rates by relying on your own stored power at strategic times.
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  1. Reduced demand charges with the utility, further lowering your electric bills. Demand charges make up 30-70 percent of most commercial electric bills so reducing them provides you with significant savings. Read more in our Learn section.

Commercial Energy Storage Products & Services

Solar energy storage systems, also called “battery backup systems,” are integrated with solar energy systems. You can install both at the same time or add energy storage later.

Citadel has installed energy storage systems from the industry’s highest-quality and most reputable manufacturers at businesses throughout California. Our installation package includes system design and engineering, procurement of all equipment and materials, installation following industry leading standards, local permits, and utility approvals.

Solar+Storage Package

Solar and storage together provide maximum electric bill savings and maximum protection from rising utility rates or utility blackouts.

Already have a solar energy system from Citadel or even another installer? We can easily add energy storage.

Learn how the solar piece of the Solar+Storage equation works on our Solar page.

Paying for Energy Storage

The same payment options available for commercial solar energy systems—cash, loans, and Power Purchase Agreements—are generally available for commercial energy storage systems. In many cases, businesses install Solar+Storage as a package and only need one financing method for the entire project.

Citadel can walk you through the latest, best-in-class financing options available for your project so that you can choose the best solution for your unique situation.

Solar Energy Storage Incentives for Businesses

Solar energy storage systems pay for themselves through electric bill savings and improved business continuity. In addition, several government-sponsored programs reduce the upfront cost.

  • The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) pays you back 26 percent of the cost of your solar energy storage system in the form of a tax credit. The ITC decreases over time, so keep that in mind if you’re debating when to install storage.
  • Bonus depreciation reduces the business taxes you pay by accelerating the rate at which you depreciate the system on your tax returns.

Read more about these incentives in our Learn section

More Resources

Contact Citadel today to learn how solar energy storage can improve your company’s bottom line.

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