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The roofing and solar contractor of choice for California homebuilders.

Citadel Roofing & Solar is the California homebuilders’ roofing and solar contractor of choice for one simple reason: relationships. Over the years, we’ve built outstanding relationships with more than 80 homebuilders and residential developers including national companies like D.R. Horton, Shea Homes, Taylor Morrison and Toll Brothers; regional builders such as Elliott Homes, ESI Builders and Tim Lewis Communities; and dozens of custom homebuilders.

Whether you’re building starter homes or forever homes, our job is to make your job easier and add value to your project by providing expert guidance and quality work performed by our own employees. Whether it’s leading on the solar aspect of your development to ensure compliance with the California solar energy mandate, or advising you regarding the latest building reach codes, we know roofing and we know solar, and we know how to put that expertise to work for you.

Power your life with solar, energy storage and roofing from Citadel.

Citadel Services for Homebuilders

  • Consultation to identify the right products for your project’s budget, design and aesthetics
  • Financing for your roofing projects
  • Procurement of industry-leading roofing materials
  • Installation by our own crews—no subcontractors
  • One-on-one consultations with your homebuyers


  • Consultation to identify the right solar energy system size and equipment for your project
  • Financing options including a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) requiring no upfront investment by you or your customers
  • Solar energy system design
  • A full solar master plan set
  • All building and electrical permits and approvals related to the solar
  • Procurement of industry-leading solar panels, inverters and related equipment
  • Installation by our own crews
  • Customer service for your buyers (see below)

Helping You Serve Your Customers

The solar experts at Citadel will provide the solar education and customer support your customers require so you don’t have to. We’ll meet with every single one of your homebuyers to explain the benefits of solar, walk them through the installation process, and answer their questions. We’ll stay in touch with them throughout the project stages including a check-in after the system is turned on. In short, we’ll treat them with the same care and transparency we offer our own residential solar customers.

Service Areas

Citadel focuses solely on the California market, so we know the local jurisdictions throughout the state, from the northern border to the southern border and everything in between. We serve:

Northern California | Southern California

Whether you operate regionally or nationally, we can be your California guide, making the integration of solar energy systems into your home construction projects easy and profitable.

Why Partner with Citadel

Citadel has been partnering with residential builders on roofing and solar energy for a long time. We have earned a reputation as a high-quality, ethical contractor, and the homebuilders’ partner of choice. Specific reasons builders say they choose us include:

Financing for Builders

Homebuilders installing solar energy systems on their projects pay cash outright and build the cost into their home sale prices, or opt for a lease-like arrangement called a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). PPAs are arranged directly between Citadel and your homebuyers and require no upfront investment from you.

Our experts will explain the advantages of each option and help arrange a PPA with one of our financing partners if you go that route. We are financing-agnostic and care only about finding the right option for you and your homebuyers.

Homebuilder Testimonials

Pat McPhetridge
Vice President of Operations, TRI Pointe Homes
Citadel Roofing & Solar is our primary roofing contractor in Sacramento. They are a pleasure to work with, bring unmatched value to the work they provide, but more importantly, they understand the homebuilder business and their needs, maybe even more than a builder may realize themselves. When it comes to roofing and creating a weather tight building envelope, there is no better company than Citadel to get the job done.

Gary L. Galindo

President, Signature Homes

The folks at Citadel have been a fantastic trade partner for years. I appreciate their prompt response, open communication and quality of work. They have become as adept at the solar side of the business as they have always been with the roofing side. It makes the choice of Citadel seamless, especially as the new Building Code requires solar.

I would recommend them highly. I would be happy to talk to anyone who has a question on Citadel’s capability, response and experience.

Henryk Tay
Vice President, Land Development and Planning KB Home Northern California – Greater Bay Area Division
A true and reliable trade partner whom you can definitely count on to get things done!
Dave Sanson
CEO, DeNova Homes

We at DeNova Homes are proud to have developed such a strong working relationship on both Roofing and Solar for our projects with Citadel!

We were honored to be Citadel’s first customer when they started in business. Competition and service in our industry is essential and Citadel from its inception has been a first-in-class with price, quality, and service!

I am so pleased with Citadel I have even had them perform Solar and Roofing on my personal properties and office in addition to the majority of all our subdivisions throughout California

Layne Marceau
Division President, Shea Homes

Citadel has been installing new roofs for Shea Homes for many years. Their team has great experience with installation and their customer service is outstanding. If we ever have a service need or problem, I am always confident that Citadel will take care of our issues. Shea Homes has also started using Citadel to install our new solar systems at many of our communities. I am excited to use their solar team and I expect the same quality of product and service as I have experienced with their roofing team. Shea Homes has high standards for quality, service and safety and Citadel has met those standards for many years. I look forward to continuing our great relationship with Citadel and I would recommend them to other Homebuilders.


Not that long ago, the thought of adding a solar energy system to your new home project was radical. Today, it’s mainstream. The same dynamic is occurring with solar energy storage systems, except that mainstream adoption is moving at a faster pace, driven in large part by forced power outages during California’s wildfire season.

Builders in wildfire-ravaged areas like Santa Rosa and Paradise are already making solar energy storage systems standard in their new homes. When you’re ready to consider adding solar batteries as an upgrade or even a standard feature in your homes, call us and we’ll walk you through the benefits and the financial impact

California’s Solar Mandate

On January 1, 2020, California began requiring solar energy systems on all newly constructed single-family homes and multifamily buildings under three stories, including condos and apartment buildings.

The good news is, with the right solar partner, the mandate shouldn’t represent a major disruption to your business. If you’re not finding that to be the case, give us a call.

Read more about the solar mandate in these Citadel-authored articles:​

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